Criminal Law

From the seemingly simplest misdemeanor or ordinance violation to the most serious felony charges, the attorneys of Roy Polich & Associates have decades of combined experience in handling criminal matters of all types. In our criminal justice system, all defendants are innocent until the government proves a Defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Our only concerns are vigorously protecting the best interests of our clients and giving them the information and advice necessary to make informed decisions.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to, handling many types of cases for clients who have been charged with the following offenses:

The Criminal Process

The criminal process often begins well before any criminal charges have been issued by the Prosecutor’s Office. Many times, law enforcement must investigate conduct that it believes to be criminal before requesting a search or arrest warrant that must be authorized by the prosecutor’s office. Then, once an arrest is made, it is up to the Prosecutor’s Office to decide which charges to file, or whether to file any at all. The attorneys at Roy Polich & Associates have the expert knowledge to advise and guide their clients even at these preliminary stages of law enforcement investigation.

Once criminal charges have been filed by the Prosecutor’s Office, Defendants must navigate a complex set of rules, laws, and procedures as they proceed through the court system. The initial decision is whether the Defendant will plead guilty or not guilty. When a Defendant pleads not guilty, his or her case begins proceeding towards trial. At this stage, there are many actions that need to be taken to ensure the Defendant is afforded all of his or her protections and rights under the law. In some occasions, pretrial motions and hearings can successfully result in a Defendant’s charges being completely dismissed. Other times, a Defendant’s case is best resolved through negotiations with the Prosecutor’s Office that result in a plea agreement. Yet, many times it is in a Defendant’s best interests to take his or her case all the way to trial. Every phase of the criminal justice system is extremely important and when Defendants are unrepresented by an attorney, they may be unable to properly defend themselves or understand their options. Roy Polich & Associates’ attorneys are capable and always ready to take a case all the way to trial.


Criminal charges can result in long-lasting, negative effects on a huge number of an individual’s goals and privileges – from employment prospects to college admissions to simply driving a car, not to mention the possibility of incarceration. Every criminal charge, no matter how small it might seem, must be treated extremely seriously. The attorneys at Roy Polich & Associates are capable of explaining all of a Defendant’s options and the consequences those options have for one’s future. Defendants represented by Roy Polich & Associates will always be able to reach his or her attorney and will always promptly receive any and all information so that they can make informed decisions about their case. Above all else, Roy Polich & Associates is committed to a single purpose: ensuring that every single one of a Defendant’s rights are protected.

From cases charging misdemeanor offenses like underage drinking, first-offense drunk driving, or simple assault to extremely serious felonies such as criminal sexual conduct, armed robbery, or murder, it is necessary to be represented by an attorney who is aggressive, knowledgeable, and who will give you all the information necessary to make an informed decision. The attorneys at Roy Polich & Associates pride themselves on providing superior criminal defense representation and are able to expertly guide their clients with only their clients’ best interests in mind. Make an appointment today to learn how Roy Polich & Associates can effectively assist you through the stress, fear, and uncertainty brought on by criminal charges.