Family Law

Our family law practice encompasses a wide range of issues including divorce, post judgment issues, child custody, support, and parenting time disputes, adoption, pre- and post-nuptial agreements, personal protection orders, and more. Our attorneys and staff have handled everything from the simplest, amicable divorces where the parties have no children and very little assets, to entrenched cases where child custody and hundreds of thousands of dollars were disputed.

Divorces and child custody cases, in particular, are some of the most emotionally-charged and personal cases an attorney can handle. We pride ourselves on understanding and empathizing with the emotions, memories, and uncertainty that go into such a life-changing event. At the same time, we never lose focus of our job: the vigorous pursuit and protection of our client’s wishes and best interests.

In today’s ever-changing society, family law practitioners are becoming more and more important in their clients’ lives. Our vast experience, capabilities, and track record allow us to provide superior representation while doing our best to make an extremely tense and emotional situation as issue and problem-free as possible. Call us today to find out how our services provide the representation and support that are so vital in family law cases like yours.