General / Civil

Our general and civil law practice encompasses a huge variety of legal matters in which our attorneys have decades of combined experience. Whether you want to start your own corporation or limited liability company, draft a landlord/tenant contract, or purchase a liquor license; whether someone has breached a contract with you, you have a professional licensing issue, or if someone has started or threatened to start a lawsuit against you, our attorneys are capable of confidently assisting you so that your goals are met and your rights are protected.

We have successfully represented clients in matters ranging from the drafting of simple contracts all the way to representing clients in complex matters in front of the Michigan Supreme Court. We represent individuals and businesses throughout the Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin and have the expertise necessary to handle any case our clients have, no matter how simple or complex.

Often, meeting with an attorney can head off problems before they arise or protect your interests while they may be vulnerable. Call us today for a consultation. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to assist our clients any way we can.